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Our beloved Pastor, Bro. J. Pearson Edween Raj, has been serving in the ministry for over 15 years.

He was born and brought up in a Pentecostal Christian Family where his parents both were Pastors in Assemblies of God. He was called out from her to stand for His WORD. He is easygoing and not compromise with world agenda.

He is a man who heeded God´s call to lead a flock and who never turned back in spite of much adversity.

As the founder of our church, his exemplary life of service and sacrifice has been a beacon of hope and a testimony to many that God still uses man to proclaim His gospel.

His vision to reach out to the lost is evident in his Preaching, Teaching and Evangelizing.

He is married with his wife Suganthy and living with his two children Sam Joseph, Steffi Rose.

Administrative Commitee:

Bro. J. Pearson Edween Raj

Sis. P. Suganthy Pearson

Bro. M. Timothy Santhakumar

Bro. V. Aaron Ashok
Bro. R. Zachariah Kumar
Bro. P. K. Moses Jagan
Bro. A. Israel Murugaiyan


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