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Cornerstone Charitable Trust - Registered

Cornerstone Charitable Trust is a Govt registered Non- Profit organisation to help the needy physically and materially. it is being operate since from 2011. India is a vast country where it cannot be able to solve the problems of need and poor. the ratio of the poverty is hiking every minute and someone is dying in a fraction of second.

Eventhou there are many Non-Profit and Non- Govt organisations involved to support the poorest people still the needs are enormously huge. we are a least and small unit who works with our vision to reach the unreached in our community to try to solve atlease we can able.

Curently, we have the Charitable purposes that is for the Relief of the Poor, Education, Medical Relief, National Disaster.

      • We minister the self-employment for widow and deserted woman, homes for the orphans, helpless children and for the destitute, relief to the people in distress due to natural calamities, awareness of health and hygene, development programs to the Society.
      • We minister the needs of the toatal man through counseling, community service and programs designed to combat homeless, substance abuse, teenage preganancies and other social problems that plaque the society.
      • We also involved in, to provide Education to the poor by giving them financial assistance, food and tution fee, etc.

Support Us

If you have heart to support us financlially for this cause, you are really appreciated and welcome in the Name of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Eagles Tabernacle thanking you for your kind support.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.


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