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Eagles Tabernacle

Eagles Tabernacle is a little church with a steadfast faith and solitary hope in the Lord Jesus Christ. We are a small and growing message church whose only desire is to fulfill our God-given purpose for our day. We are a non-denominational, full gospel church whose doors are open to whosoever will. Since 7 years that we have opened our doors we have always tried to be welcoming and loving to any person who desires to worship with us.

We yearn to see people accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and savior and to recognize the message that He has sent to his bride in this day and age.

Church -Fellowship

Curently, we have two fellowship gathering in Nellikuppam and Cuddalore city. We are strongly grounding in the Message of this Hour. Gathering with Brotherly Kindness represented in our services create a festive, warm and at times intimate worship experience where lives are changed and miracles are wrought.

We believe in the power of the Lord Jesus Christ to transform lives and in the inspired Word of God found in the Bible, which is our absolute. Our mission is not only to reach out to the unsaved but to nurture and edify each Christian soul to reach spiritual maturity. We accept people from all denominations, from all walks of life and consider it an honor to have you visit us as you are. We have some resources for you which you may find Here.

Support Us

We humbly asking you to do kindly uphold us in your valuable prayers. If you have heart to support us financlially, you are really appreciated and welcome in the Name of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Eagles Tabernacle thanking you for your kind support.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.


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